Learn SEO – Do Know The Vital Statistics of Your Website?

Learn SEO by Jedda Kelly

For SEO beginners, as you gradually learn SEO, it is tempting to ignore the vital statistics of your website.  Many people don’t realize that the easiest measurement tool to use (especially great for WordPress sites), is the free Google Analytics tool.

Here’s what part of the main screen shows you with a rather volatile site:


It’s very simple to use and requires a code to be installed at the top of every page of a website.  If you already have a gmail account, just go here and sign up


If you don’t have a gmail account, you will need to create one and then you can sign up for Google Analytics at the same time.

It works very simply.  You put in basic details about your website, Google creates a code around that information, you copy and paste the code onto every page of your website and then you start to track traffic.

The most fundamental information is how much traffic you are getting.  This gives you a benchmark for growth and allows you to take action should the traffic start to fall away.

Whilst you are figuring out how to optimize your website, you can watch the Analytics data to see what works and what doesn’t.  It’s all part of the SEO learning process.

The tool also shows you where the traffic is coming from, like search engines (which is an indication of SEO grunt), direct (which indicates return visitors who know your site, or other (which could be from indirect routes such as your Facebook page).  This data gives you a great picture of where your visitors see your website address.

One of the other really important pieces of information that Google Analytics offers is displaying what posts are attracting people.  If you have certain urls that appear very frequently, it means that content is what visitors are searching for and looking at. For example, if you have an article about a particular brand of taps and that article is getting a lot of search results, you may want to look at making that brand of taps more prominent on your site and also create some more material about that brand so you get even more customers.

Google Analytics is a must for anyone who wants to learn SEO.  Make sure you put it in your site as soon as the site is built or if you already have a site, put that code in now to start getting your websites’ vital statistics.

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